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WK Wall mounted support

Falsework alternative to carry loads while maintaining floor access

The WT wall mounted support is an ideal falsework alternative



The WK wall-mounted supports represent a falsework alternative, where elaborate and expensive temporary foundations would otherwise be necessary and openings for traffic kept clear. The support plate for each wall-mounted support is fixed in place with a cast-in anchor screw that can be recovered afterwards. The structure is therefore supported on the wall-mounted supports fixed to the concrete wall cast in advance.

The WK 1000 aluminium wall-mounted support is suitable for light to medium loads of up to 100kN (permissible load irrespective of screw jack extension). Owing to its low weight, the WK 1000 is suitable for manual installation, even in places with difficult access.

The WK 2000 steel wall-mounted support is galvanised and can be used where heavy loads have to be carried. It can carry loads of up to 240 kN depending on the concrete strength.

The anchor screw is made from quenched an tempered steel and has high axial and shear strength. The anchor can be cast in during concreting or subsequently inserted in a core-drilled hole. After removal, no metal parts remain in the concrete, so there are no unsightly rust stains. When compared to other cast in components (e.g. wavy-tail anchors, cable loops, threaded sockets, plates, etc.), the anchor screw pays for itself after just a few uses. Removal is achieved with an electric impact wrench or special square key. Holes can be closed off with blanking plugs or cement.


  • Safe working load up to 100kN (WK 1000) or 240kN (WK 2000)
  • Loads carried while keeping the floor clear
  • No need for temporary foundations
  • No need for impact protection
  • Ideal for creating large access openings
  • Only a few parts
  • Anchor screws can be fixed in existing concrete wall (core-drilling)