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Feb 14, 2019

More than just construction equipment – Ischebeck is committed to service

Keywords such as digitisation and BIM dominate reporting and are becoming more commonplace in the construction industry.  The aim is to adapt products and processes to the constantly changing requirements of the digital world and to provide the best possible support for customers in this process.

Introducing “smartTITAN” at bauma, Ischebeck will be offering various digital solutions that make the use of Ischebeck products simpler and more efficient.

BIM-compatible 3D formwork planning
At the heart of BIM is a common database; a three-dimensional model to which everyone involved in a project can access and work into. Particularly in complex projects, it helps to better understand the structure, visualise alternative solutions and realistically plan the construction process. For example, potential collisions can be detected in advance and avoided in reality by modifying the planning, which ultimately saves time and money.

As a manufacturer of formwork products – which, for the most part do not remain in the building but are only used in the shell construction phase – Ischebeck offers an interface to the BIM model which enables formwork planning within it. This is done with the help of the already established Revit program from Autodesk. Ischebeck products are available as Revit files (available soon to download from the website) and can thus be integrated into the BIM model.

smartTITAN – automated structural verification software for TITAN falsework system solutions outside of datasheets
Whether as a single supporting tower, birdcage scaffold or formwork table the TITAN aluminium falsework system is capable of carrying varying loads. In Germany it is regulated by a type test up to a height of 24.60 metres. This means that for certain assembly variants a datasheet is available so that the proof of compliance with regulations has already been provided.

However, as a flexible modular system, an infinite number of assembly situations are conceivable for the aluminium falsework. For example, perhaps it is required to plan a passageway at a later date; is it necessary to install frames at different heights…? Up until now, extensive individual calculations would have to be provided. With its new smartTITAN design software, Ischebeck now has a tool with which calculations can be provided for any system structure on the basis of type testing, even for complex formwork tasks, without having to rely on approximations. The software also allows the acting forces to be detected at any point in the construction, so that the material input can be adapted for optimum utilisation of the system. This is an in-house service from Ischebeck, from which the customer ultimately benefits.

Quick and easy online measurement of micropiles
smartTITAN also provides digital support in the field of geotechnics. From April onwards, a tool will be freely available on the Ischebeck website, which will assist the planners of specialist foundation projects to work out their designs quickly and easily using TITAN Micropiles. After registering via the website, the process begins immediately: just enter a few parameters and you can quickly provide calculations of internal or external load-bearing capacity or buckling, for example.

System accessories in building construction and civil engineering
In the building and civils sector, Ischebeck will be presenting new components for its system solutions in three product areas.

There is a new mesh panel for the TITAN HV slab formwork system, which has been optimised for convenient shuttering and striking from below by being fitted with a swivelling head piece. This panel is usually used when increased demands are made on work safety, as it offers a high level of stability from the starting area and can be walked on immediately.

Ischebeck will also be presenting a quick-action wall stabiliser bracket aimed at the precast market, where prefabricated concrete parts must be precisely aligned and securely held. The bracket allows the user to connect stabilisers from below, without the need for access. Simply push the stabiliser from below into the holder mounted on the concrete part – it locks automatically and is released again later by light pressure under the holder.

In the area of safety and logistics on high-rise construction sites, the award winning, self-climbing perimeter screen system, “Screen Saver” will be on display; a climbing scaffolding / protection screen made of lightweight perforated aluminium sheets with platforms on four levels, that both protects the workers and prevents objects from falling. With its horizontal and vertical adjustability, the Screen Saver offers high flexibility in adapting to the complex geometrics of modern buildings.

GIGANT, the lightweight aluminium, flexible shoring system for trenches in inner-city areas, has new ladder access which provides an additional safety element.  No more climbing over trench struts or unsteady ladders and no more space-consuming embankments – the fixed, stable ladder makes it possible to walk safely through the trench.

New technical developments can also be seen in the third product segment, geotechnics, such as the Preventer, which enables the installation of TITAN micropiles, even with water present. The otherwise usual time-consuming dewatering process is no longer necessary. Preventer can be used, for example, to secure buoyancy in underground floors or underpasses where there is a risk of water ingress.

No matter whether building construction or civil engineering, hardware or software, Ischebeck stands by its customers as a reliable partner and supports their projects from start to finish and beyond. We have done so for many decades, worldwide – we are more than just construction equipment.

The Ischebeck team look forward to meeting you at bauma, on stand 449 in hall B3.  See you there!