TITAN Strike makes easy work of striking and stripping TITAN legs, especially at high load levels and in noise-sensitive areas. Quicker and less impactful on equipment and your team, TITAN Strike makes an efficient and economical addition to the TITAN Support system.

System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our Push-Pull Props.

  • 11mm of strike achieved
  • For use at high leg loads/thick slabs
  • Significantly reduces damage to TITAN Collars
  • Ease of use in confined spaces
  • Reduces noise and vibration – great for noise sensitive areas

  • Requires less effort to strike
  • Releases with just a few strikes
  • For use with genuine TITAN equipment
  • Use with SuperTITAN dry lubricant spry – no dust or grit build up

Product Gallery

Take a look at our TITAN Strike Gallery