TITAN Column Clamp

Titan column clamps are assembled with 4 no. bolted corners and 4 no. hinged for ease of striking on a typical 3.0m high column. ‘L’ shaped column shutters are then crane handled and refixed by only 4 no. tie bars. The individual column arms of 1.0m and 1.37m can be used in isolation as formwork soldiers on stop-end and foundation shutters.

One set consists of • 4 supports • 2 clamping sets 15mm dia x 650mm • 8 bolts M 16 x 35 galvanised Access brackets and lifting plates are also available


System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our TITAN Column Clamps.

  • Large supporting length. i.e. for 5.4m column height, only 4 column clamps are required.
  • Labour costs are reduced for each transfer & re-fixing.
  • Designated for maximum concrete pressures
  • Universal clamp for all column dimensions.

  • Available as a complete column formwork system incl. clamps, plumbing props, concreting chutes, working platforms and lifting hooks.
  • Formwork can be stripped diagonally and transferred in two halves
  • No sanding of edges is required.

Product Gallery

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