Push-Pull Props

Our range of legs and props offers fast, effective support for formwork during in-situ and precast casting operations as well as for back-propping of recently cast slabs. Choose from:

  • Titan aluminium legs
  • Push-pull props
  • Steel props
  • Aluminium props


System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our Push-Pull Props.

  • Virtually no play, adjustable by the millimetre (1/32”)
  • Takes tension and compression forces
  • Efficient handles are always in operative’s reach
  • Infinite adjustment by smooth but robust ACME thread with large adjustment range

  • 3-dimensional swivel-end accommodates any slope or angle with single bolt fix
  • Positive and safe – max. extension cannot be exceeded
  • High strength with light weight – only 1 or 2 operatives to carry

Product Gallery

Take a look at our Push-Pull Prop Gallery