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Regeneration of Finsbury Tower with our Demolition Screens.
Islington, London.

Project Background

Located in the Borough of Islington, the original Finsbury Tower was a 16 storey structure built in the 1960’s. This regeneration project involves removal of external cladding, partial demolition, and a 12 storey extension, resulting in a modern 28 storey tower providing office, retail, and residential space.

Client J Coffey Construction were looking for a unique solution for the demolition aspect of this project and Ischebeck TITAN Demolition Screens were ideal system for the challenge.  In this example, demolition screens were designed to wrap around the building, providing complete protection whilst climbing up and allowing for existing cladding and 1.5m upstands on all floors to be demolished. On reaching the summit, screens would then jump back down, following the same anchor positions, allowing for the partial demolition of the existing concrete slab.


With structures of this era, it is difficult to know where reinforcement bar is located within the concrete, increasing the risk of rebar damage during drilling. To work around this problem the Ischebeck TITAN R&D team developed a unique bracket that delivered flexibility in finding a suitable location to install anchorage, reducing the risk of structural instability.

As a high risk, restricted access site – the tower is in a high traffic area, boarded by three roads – scaffolding was an inappropriate solution due to the tightness of the site and the challenging programme. Demolition Screens attach straight onto the structure from the lorry with no interference of roads or pavements.  They provide full encapsulation, protecting against falling objects, debris & dust. Whilst providing a safe working environment, the demolition screens are fully independent of cranes while attached to the building.

For more information, download the full case study here: