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Single-sided retaining wall to industrial building extension
Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Project Information

Due to the height and nature of this single sided in-situ wall pour, greater loading upon the formwork needed to be taken into consideration. When designing and using an A Frame system, cast-in anchors are strongly recommended as they can cope with the tension load at the base. On this project, loading was initially up to 125kN per anchor, however due to changing site requirements, the base slab was cast without the anchors meaning that a new solution need to be found.

Post-drilled resin anchors where the only viable option, however these were not able to take the 125kN load. The Ischebeck Titan Technical team reviewed the design to reduce the load upon the anchors at the base of the A Frame. This was done in 2 ways; • reducing the pour rate to 800mm per hour • adding in an a third a frame to each panel section
The redesign took the tension load down to 89kN, which was a load that the resin anchors could accommodate. Ischebeck Titan also supplied NOEtoplarge formwork panels to this project – they provide a good concrete finish, are simple and fast to assemble and have a high capacity to cope with single-sided formwork when used in conjunction with the A Frame.

The Result
The possibility of having to remove the base slab and pour again with cast-in anchors would have resulted in lost time and expense. Through the ongoing support of the Ischebeck Titan Sales and Design teams, this was avoided. Once assembled, the Ischebeck Titan system can be moved on section by section without requiring rebuild, meaning that following curing, subsequent pours could be completed quickly.

Download Case Study
A-Frames Brierley Hill (PDF)