Outinord Tunnelform

Tunnelform is a steel formwork system that allows you to pour walls and slabs in one operation.

The main component of the system is the half tunnel. Two half tunnels joined together form the complete tunnel form. Once concrete has been poured, and minimum strength has been achieved, the half tunnel units are removed, and, if required a continual back prop can be installed before the adjacent half tunnel has been stripped. This guarantees no adverse deflection of the slab.

The tunnel is tailored to fit the room width, height and length (16m long typically) by the inclusion of infill sections which form an integral part of the tunnel. Follow on trades can begin work on the cells after each day striking and the high quality steel-faced finish massively reduces the cost and time involved in ‘wet trade’ activity

Tunnelform is a high precision system which is fast and user friendly and can effectively half precious crane time.

System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our Outinord Tunnelform.

  • High quality, low cost construction
  • Average 15% cost and 25% time savings
  • Significant acoustic and thermal benefits to the frame
  • 24 hour construction cycle

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