NOE Panels

NOEtop is a high-strength formwork panel system used for efficient casting of walls in a wide variety of applications. The NOEtop range possesses one of the largest panels on the market, 5.3m x 2.65m (14.05m²) with a working pressure of up to 88kN/m².

With its integrated, built-in strong backs the NOEtop panel is a versatile system which can transform itself at random from a modular large panel system into a large area gangform. The NOEtop system also ensures a safe workplace with self-locking walkway brackets that can be positioned on either a horizontal or vertically placed panel. Easy and safe stabilising of the forms can be achieved using push-pull props.

Frames and profiles are hot-dips galvanised both inside and out ensuring a long and economical service life. All panels are provided with cast iron corner blocks to provide further protection.

The NOEtop panel system is available in a variety of panel sizes together with a wide range of internal, external and hinged units for additional flexibility.

System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our NOEtop Panel system.

  • Sustains concrete pressures up to 88kN/m2
  • Cast iron corner blocks protect all panel sizes
  • Up to 14 square metres of joint-free ply
  • Integrated strongback for economic tie layout

Product Gallery

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