Effective, innovative ground engineering solutions from Ischebeck Titan

Ground engineering solutions

Ischebeck Titan supplies products and systems for all types of ground engineering and ground improvement work. We can supply micropiles, soil nails, solid bars, hollow bars, injection anchors plus many more. Our ground engineering products and systems have been successfully used on a multitude of applications around the world, providing the optimum solution for piling, shoring, tie-backs, soil nailing, slope stabilisation, basements, foundations, dewatering prevention and trenching. The Ischebeck Titan range of hollow self-drilling injection anchors offers excellent versatility in application and, with consultation at early stages of a project, can deliver significant cost and time-saving benefits over traditional methods in temporary and permanent works situations. Ischebeck Titan is renowned throughout the world’s concrete frames and civil engineering industries for providing some of the most innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of ground engineering, structural stabilisation and earth retention solutions.

Ground Engineering contacts

UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Colin Thompson
Mobile: 07799 347973


Preventer For controlling water ingress DOWNLOADS GALLERY Description TITAN Preventer is used in conjunction with micro-piles in areas where water ingress is a distinct possibility, for...

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Ideal for the use as micropiles, tension piles, root piles and underpinning. Works in both compression and tension, providing a load range of between 110-3660kN.

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Soil Nails

Soil nails are an efficient, effective and economical method of soil reinforcement.

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Our Anchors has been approved by Network Rail, the Highways Agency, London Underground and Environment Agency for both temporary and permanent applications.

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IT500 Solid Bar

High yield reinforcing steel, with hot rolled deformations specially designed to form a thread along the entire length of the bar.

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Rock Bolts

Consisting of a drill bit attached to a hollow steel tendon, our Rock Bolts can be drilled, installed and grouted at the same time.

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Drill Drain

System that injects a filter material with the optimum permeability coefficient, allowing slope dewatering.

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