Geotechnical seminar from Ischebeck Titan

Ischebeck Titan Geotechnical Seminar

Ischebeck Titan Ltd. have a suite of lunchtime Geotechnical Seminar presentations that cover applications and solutions for ground engineering improvement[s] such as soil nails, ground anchors and micropiles.

These represent an efficient, effective and economical method for earth reinforcement which allows a controlled improvement of the stability of the soil. Simultaneous drilling and grouting enables Ischebeck Titan self-drilling anchors to maximise the shear value at the grout/ ground interface, rapidly creating a load bearing monolithic structure and maximising your project progress.

Ischebeck Titan Soil Nails are threaded hollow steel bars that are drilled into a slope or wall then injected with a cementitious material. The Ischebeck Titan injection anchor is a three in one product; a drilling rod, injection pipe and lastly a reinforcing bar.

Our one-hour seminars, generally held over a lunchtime, are carefully crafted so that current information of how and when our anchors can be used in various environments. Providing and explaining cost effective solutions, benefits of soil nails, ground anchors and micropiles and how these can improve variable ground and slope conditions.

We will come to you, present in your office. This is an ideal way to collaborate and work on current and future projects, with the help of Ischebeck Titan.

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The presentation was concise and informative to illustrate the use of Titan bars to a wide application of ground engineering solutions.

James Binns

Director, Byland Engineering Limited

A great presentation today delivered by Colin Thompson. A solution we must try to use with retaining walls on poor soils to improve global stability.

Gordon Mackenzie

Managing Director, Geoman Limited