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Edge Protection system (EPS)

Fast, effective edge protection

Edge protection system (EPS)




Designed to deliver maximum performance and versatility with the minimum number of components, TITAN EPS offers one of the quickest and most effective means of providing edge protection in a wide variety of situations throughout the construction industry.

TITAN EPS boasts a number of unique features designed to enhance productivity, performance and durability, including ‘collapsible’ panel support brackets, radiused panel corners and fast fitting beam bracket.

The system’s dedicated design ensures that TITAN EPS components cannot be confused with other construction systems. Together with the small number of components and the customised pallet, the entire package facilitates stock control and simplifies handling on site.

System Components

TITAN EPS System consists of only a few simple, well designed components that are quick and easy to install onsite, whilst still providing strong and reliable edge protection for workers.


  • Fast, effective edge protection
  • Robust construction
  • Minimum number of components