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Derek’s Tree

Dec 8, 2021

Christmas time is the season of giving, and a time to help out to those less fortunate than ourselves. This year, Ischebeck TITAN are supporting a charity local to our head office in Burton on Trent – Derek’s Tree. The charity was launched by Derek Liddle in 1995 and aims to help around 3,000 local underprivileged children who wouldn’t receive a gift at Christmas.

Every year a group of wonderful volunteers get together in Burton’s Octagon Centre, standing by a Christmas tree full of tags with gifts written on them. Passers-by can then choose a gift to buy and bring it back to the volunteers who will wrap and deliver them to the many local shelters and charities across Burton and surrounding areas. Due to Covid restrictions they won’t be having the tree up this year – rather a wish list that can be found on their Facebook page instead:  Dereks Tree Burton on Trent | Facebook

Ischebeck TITAN have pledged many gifts from the list, aiming to spread some Christmas cheer to those in need.

Here’s a word from our HR Advisor, Julie Wyton, who has volunteered with Derek’s Tree on many occasions:

“The volunteers do fabulous work to keep the charity going year in year out and so give freely of their time. I’ve enjoyed many a weekday hour or two over a lunch break helping them out, its rewarding work and alongside people who genuinely care in doing their best to support the kids who won’t get much if anything at Christmas. I found it a humbling experience with some just asking for the bare necessitates of a brush and toiletries, I’ve also brought my children along to help out to teach them the value of what they’re given at Christmas”. 

The whole team at Ischebeck TITAN would like to thank all of the volunteers for the wonderful work they do and the generosity of everyone who supports the charity.



*Photos taken from Derek’s Tree’s Facebook page