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Ischebeck Titan Feedback

Ischebeck Titan Group of Companies has been formed on maintaining strong,  long lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers for nearly 30 years and value everyone’s feedback on our products and services.  If you would like to leave feedback on your experience with us,  please use the form provided.

Recent Testimonial:

“I do not remember a single time when a design has been late and, as a consequence, a delay has taken place on site. On the contrary, it happens quite often that BBF’s programme is benefited by the quick turnaround of the Ischebeck Titan engineering department.

The engineering flexibility is crucial on site. Normally designs take really good account of what materials are available on site and what the site constraints are but, when some of these constraints haven’t been transmitted to the designer on time, changes to the design are required. These changes tend to happen really quickly, always meeting the site needs. I would like to highlight that, unlike other firms, Ischebeck Titan find themselves comfortable with nonstandard solutions which are often required on the project that I am working at the moment.

In summary, I couldn’t be any happier with the current relationship between BBF and the Ischebeck Titan engineering department. “

Pablo Porcel, Senior Engineer, Byrne Bros


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