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Coronavirus Company Statement

Mar 20, 2020

To all our customers, suppliers and followers,
Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the Ischebeck Titan Group have implemented measures to promote the health and well being of all employees, customers and suppliers. We aim to keep our business running as close to normal as possible and are working to mitigate disruption in the following ways:
• Our offices are remaining open, with minimal staff based at each location. We have put in place additional precautions to keep employees separate and to minimise contact
• We are making arrangements for, and are encouraging our family of employees to work remotely wherever possible
• Site visits from our dedicated sales and technical teams are still available and ongoing, however we continue to monitor the situation. We promote the need for only essential face to face contact communication with all parties involved and encourage the use of Skype / Teams type communication where possible
• Our internal meetings and communications will be carried out electronically via Skype, Teams etc, to reduce contact
• We will continue to service the delivery and return of equipment, with business as usual
• Encouraging you to maintain contact with us with regards to upcoming equipment requirements. Our supply chain is relatively small, strong and robust, yet there is the likelihood of some future disruption. Again, we assure you that the situation is being closely monitored.

On all other matters, we are working in accordance with UK government guidelines i.e. on self-isolation. We have issued health and hygiene best practise statements to our teams and these are being supported throughout our offices with additional sanitary equipment supplied.

Facing these challenges together, working closely and maintaining our lines of communication will be essential in limiting harm to our industry. During this time, The Ischebeck Titan Group will strive to deliver the excellence in service for which we are known, and we thank you for your continued support.