Cladding Screens

Self-climbing cladding screens from Ischebeck Titan provide an alternative access solution for high-rise facade installation, providing complete protection to the floors being constructed.

Adaptable for most cladding types – curtain walls, sandwich panels, patent glazing etc. – Cladding Screens achieve facade installation with no ties required; cladding elements are wholly finished as screens progress up the structure. Work on the facade can continue in high winds, leading to programme advantages over mastclimbing and other traditional systems.


System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of our Cladding Screens

  • Screens can be supplied fully assembled and installed directly on to the building
  • Folding decks for quicker installation/less laydown area
  • Fits around shaped buildings
  • Additional flexibility of the platforms to close gaps

  • Pull out drawers to close off the building
  • Multiple level access for different operations
  • 200mm wider than a standard screen

Product Gallery

Take a look at our screens in action.