Combining exceptional durability, versatility and performance with low weight, AluFix makes light work of tough wall-, slab- and foundation-forming tasks on refurbishment, landscaping and other contracts. The crane-independent hand-set formwork offers outstanding customer value.

AluFix is the product of choice for crane-free assemblies that have to deliver top-class results. The wide range of panel sizes is ideal for accommodating the various requirements and applications encountered across the globe.

System Benefits

Here are the main benefits of AluFix.

  • Panel heights 350, 300, 270, 250, 150 and 135cm and only six-panel widths for
    problem-free corner solutions with any wall thickness
  • Permissible fresh concrete pressure (DIN 18218) over full surface of up to 56 kN/m2
    (flatness tolerances to DIN 18202)
  • Ideally suited for a diveristy of functions
  • Great for refurbishment projects
  • Crane-independant
  • Closed hollow aluminium profile
  • Assembly lock for structurally continuous connections with only a few hammer blows

  • Ergonomic grip profile
  • Robust frame construction
  • High-grade powder-coated finish
  • Impact and scratch resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart multi-function profile
  • Features welded-in Dywidag nuts
  • All accessories attached with flange screw
  • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with 7 year warranty

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