Developed specifically in response to the needs of the construction industry, Screen Saver is the next generation of full height safety screen systems. Screen Saver is only available from Ischebeck Titan Ltd.

Screen Saver protects four floors whilst requiring only two levels of anchorage. Screens therefore need only to be lifted upon the completion of two levels of suspend slab. This represents substantial savings in crane time and a consequential reduction of cycle times.

Screen Saver is based on a standard 4.8m wide module with sliding panels on either side. This provides dimensional flexibility when catering for different building shapes and reduces the number of screen units required. Completed Screen Saver units can be lifted directly from the delivery vehicle on to the building with minimal assembly.

Screen Saver can be mounted on the building, free standing, at ground level to give edge protection from day one, avoiding interruption of the upper floor construction cycle. The screen is fully platformed at all levels, and forms complete closure between floor and walkway platform thus eliminating falling debris along this busy interface. Platforms can be adjusted, both vertically and horizontally, to cater for any variation in storey height and column grid without having to remove the screen from the building.

Screen Saver is faced with durable lightweight aluminium perforated sheets, replacing the open steel mesh of the original Ischebeck screen system. This provides increased protection, ensuring even smaller particles of debris are contained within the site. Consequential savings in weight promote quicker and more manageable movement of the system.

Reduce lifting and climbing time by 50%

Fully flexible both vertically and horizontally

Minimal reassembly required

Earliest installation on ground floor slab achievable

"We were very impressed with the speed and ease of installation that Screen Saver provided, together with the aesthetics of the finished product".
Mitchellson Project Manager Eddie Meyer - Building B3 King's Cross.


Read about the development and launch of the Screen Saver system on site at Kings Cross, London here



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