Ischebeck Titan are proud winners of the 2015 Construct Award for Innovation and Best Practice!  The award was given jointly to Ischebeck Titan and Dunne Building and Civil Engineering Ltd, under the Materials and Products category, which recognised the use of the Ischebeck Titan Screen Saver product at One Blackfriars.

Ischebeck Titan designed and manufactured a perimeter climbing screen system to meet the demanding specification set out by Dunne's for this project.  The structure is an interestingly shaped frame with sloping lines and curves. The slopes incline outwards around 5-7 degrees from ground to L32, then the slopes change direction turning inwards after L32.









The challenge set out by Dunne's was to develop a screen solution to meet the following criteria:

1. Follow the building line closely to avoid large gaps from the screen to the building.

2. Use lightweight components to limit loads on the structure and manual handling issues.

3. Use minimal crane time to allow the screens to ascend the building.

4. Use mainly re-usable components that allow for the screens to be used on further projects.
The design was based on Ischebeck Titan's standard Screen Saver product, with several new innovations designed to meet the specific needs of this challenging structure. The specific innovations were;

1. Use of a "cranking screen" allowing the Screen Saver unit to bend around the most demanding L32 inclinations.

2. Use of in-situ sliding screen panels and platforms allowing for easy adjustment of the plan dimensions of the screens on the building.

3. Use of a “Smooth Mover” tool and  a “Centurion” bracket allowing the standard needle beams to slide horizontally and change the inclination of the screens.

Beneficial impact on the concrete industry
The innovations allow for the concrete frame at One Blackfriars to be constructed behind 4 levels of screening and external platforms, and considerably reduce the risk of falling and dropping materials.  It also allows for minimal use of the crane and for progress of the slabs to continue.

Climbing screens are not a new concept, and the benefit of using them is recognised across the UK concrete frame contractors. The beneficial impact of these developments is that Screen Saver can now be seen as a standard solution for all the different challenging shapes of high rise structures that are being constructed on the London skyline.

All these innovations have been designed in a practical way that makes them economic to use and very reusable.  The sliding panels are made from aluminium giving not only weight advantage but corrosion resistance longevity ensuring minimal frictional resistance.

The Smooth Mover tool has been designed as practical and economical, being the first tool to allow for sliding of standard needles, keeping product costs to a minimum.  The tool is  easy to wind and has been tested to allow for 21 of horizontal pulling / pushing load using only a socket wrench.  Safety and design risk assessment led to the concept of sliding the needles by hand on a threaded bar, leaving an element of "feel" for the operator should any unforeseen clashes of equipment occur.

The "Centurion" brackets allow for an innovative way of utilising the same needle anchors whilst sliding the needles.  They also give the setting out engineer a hand, allowing a far greater tolerance of anchor position with its forgiving and innovative use of "Kryptonite" washers.

The Screen Saver design has allowed for over 95% of the total equipment used on this project to be suitable for re-use.  The innovations have delivered a sustainable approach and compared to many alternative solutions, have not required a vast amount of special fabrications or extensive use of timber.

Iain Clark, Managing Director of Ischebeck Titan UK Ltd said: “We were absolutely delighted to win this innovation award. Our teams have worked continuously on the development of Screen Saver in response to the needs of our extremely challenging industry – creating what we believe is the best safety screen solution available.”

Special thanks go to Dunne Building and Civil Engineering and all our team members involved in the Screen Savers development and implementation on site at One Black Friars; we are grateful for their commitment to this project.  To ensure we are continually at the forefront of our industry, we invest heavily in developing our range of product solutions, and will continue to do so."

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